About This Site

Welcome to Fatty Liver Focus!

My names is Jon and I was diagnosed with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) five years ago.

It was by complete accident I was diagnosed with this disease and I was shocked and surprised by it. Fatty Liver is a tough disease to deal with but I managed to successfully reverse my Fatty Liver.

I worked with the advice from my Gastroenterologist and General Physician to help beat it.

If I had to estimate it, I’d believe my personal case of Fatty Liver was caused by the following combination of factors:

  • Poor diet and addictive eating habits (50%)
  • Insufficient exercise (20%)
  • High levels of chronic stress (30%)

This website details my personal experiences dealing with Fatty Liver disease and how I decided to combat it on multiple fronts – mainly through:

The information on this website is not intended to be personal medical advice for you – it’s more of a reflection for what worked for me in my personal experience. 

I decided to make this website to spread awareness about Fatty Liver disease and to hopefully provide motivation and inspiration to those of you out there battling it.

Please make sure you read through the Disclaimer and consult with your qualified medical practitioner first before making any health changes.

I hope you manage to get healthier and reverse your Fatty Liver.

Best regards, Jon