Fatty Liver Exercises? 4 Exercises To Reduce Fatty Liver

Updated 8 January 2020

Getting in regular exercise is one of the most effective methods for fighting back against Fatty Liver disease.

Any level of exercising is better than none – so even short periods of exercise on a regular basis can be a great foundation to really help fight back against Fatty Liver.

This article will show you the different types of exercises I undertook to fight off my Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) which helped send it back into remission.

So how exactly does exercise help fight off Fatty Liver disease?

Both aerobic and resistance exercises have been shown to reduce the hepatic fat in a person’s liver. Exercise can reduce the excess delivery of free fatty acids and glucose synthesis to the liver. Exercise can help increase fatty acid oxidation, decrease fatty acid synthesis and show a reduction in the release of damage-associated molecular patterns. (ref)

Simply put – this is technical medical speak for saying- exercise is very good and important for your livers health.

Another study has shown that regular exercise can help putting Fatty Liver Disease into remission for men.

And as you may already know, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is wonderful in fighting against a Fatty Liver.

So what are some exercises that can help fight Fatty Liver?

1. Jumping rope!

Jumping rope is one of the best aerobic exercises for getting your heart pumping and racing! You can do it almost anywhere, at your home, in the backyard, in your apartment (if your roof is high enough!) or at the park. Did you know that only 15 minutes of jumping rope can burn up to 300 calories? Awesome isn’t it.

Jumping rope is also a great high-intensity workout that is very effective for helping out a Fatty Liver!

How to do it? Simply grab a skipping rope  (that one is great if you don’t have one already!) and start skipping! Go at your own pace and if you haven’t exercised in a long time – just doing 2 minutes of jumping rope a day is a great start! Try to build up to 15 minutes per session to give your heart and liver a great workout!

The weighted skipping rope below that can be bought through Amazon is a great way to burn off your fatty liver.

2. Sprinting

Sprinting is a great high-intensity interval training workout that can be very effective at targeting fat.

How does sprinting work?

Simply, go down to your local park or oval – set a timer for 20 seconds and run as fast as you can in a straight line. Rest for 1 minute and 30 seconds and then do it again for 2 more sets.

But only 20 seconds? That’s not much?

Trust me! If you properly sprint – your whole body will feel it. It’s only 20 seconds but you will be out of breath, panting and breathing hard.

If you think you need more of a challenge – you can up your time to 30 seconds!

Sprinting is an ancient athletic exercise technique and one of the QUICKEST to get your heart racing!

Note: As this is a full-on exercise, don’t try this unless your legs and body can handle it! If you haven’t exercised in a while, start of with a more gentle exercise like walking or jogging.

3. Daily Walking for your Fatty Liver

Getting into the habit of doing a 30 minute daily walk is great for your liver health.

A steady walk is one of the best exercises to do if you haven’t exercised in a while.

It’s easy on the heart and joints, and will warm your body up for more intense exercises later on.

Not only that – walking will get you some fresh air and Vitamin D – great for your overall health and relaxation!

Tip: If you want to up the intensity of your walk – try walking through sand at the beach or up hills in your neighborhood or park! This will add intensity to your workout without being overbearing.

Did you know? Walking can reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and depression (ref)

4. Stationary cycling

Stationary cycling is another fantastic exercise you can do to help your Fatty Liver.

Stationary cycling has the benefits of being a low-impact exercise on your legs and joints – reducing the risk of injury.

Stationary cycling also has the great benefit of being an exercise you can do right at home in your living room in front of the TV!

Be it summer or winter – stationary cycling is an indoor exercise that you can do all year long.

How do you do it?

Get yourself a stationary bike, set it up correctly at your correct height and cycle away.

If you are just starting – aim for 10 minutes on the stationary bike per session, then work your way up to 15 minutes, 20 minutes then 35 minutes respectively.

If you don’t have a stationary bike already – this one here is great and I highly recommend that can be delivered to you from Amazon.

Added bonus: You can incorporate some HIIT on your stationary bike if you want to. Simply cycle as fast as you can for 30 seconds, then rest for 1 minute and 30 seconds then repeat!


Getting in regular exercise was one of my most important steps (in addition to diet) to helping get rid of my Fatty Liver! The above 4 exercises are some of the methods I used to get rid of my Fatty Liver.

I started off slowly with these exercises but kept up the consistency. Exercise consistency is king when trying to lose weight and fight Fatty Liver!

Important note:
Always consult a fitness expert and your medical health expert before attempting any of these exercises.

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