6 Practical Tips for Helping Your Fatty Liver Heal

A fatty liver condition (nonalcoholic fatty liver NAFLD) can be reversed through good diet and exercise.

Here are 6 practical tips you can follow to help get rid of your fatty liver.

1. Don’t go shopping without a list or a plan

People don’t often realize – but the battle against a Fatty Liver is often decided right in the supermarket.

Lets face it, once you buy that block of chocolate, huge tub of ice cream or 12 pack of soda cans – you will end up eating it once you bring it home.

Never go to the supermarket without a pre-planned shopping list – otherwise you will risk splurging on unhealthy snacks and meals.

You want to make sure you are stocking up on fresh fruit, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, nuts and other nutritious food items (if you want to know about healthy foods for a Fatty Liver – click here)

Make sure you AVOID – walking down the sweet pastry section or confectionery aisle of the supermarket.

It’s much easier to resist something if it’s not right there in front of you.

Plan your shopping list ahead so you don’t find yourself ‘wandering’ off into tempting food aisles.

2. Swap out fruit juice for whole fruit

Did you know most fruit juices have the same amount of sugar as a can of soda? That’s nearly 40 grams of sugar in a standard 12 fl oz drink!

Do yourself a favor by substituting in whole fruit.

This will satisfy your sugar cravings and make you feel much fuller, helping you to ingest less sugar overall which is one of the key drivers behind non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NALFD).

3. Make healthy snacks VISIBLE in your home

Have you heard of the saying, “out of sight, out of mind”?

Well apply the reverse! Make sure your healthy snacks are visible and easily accessible!

You know that whole fruit you bought from the shops – don’t hide it away at the bottom of the fridge – put it in a big bright bowl on your bench-top or tabletop!

You will be more inclined to eat healthy snacks that you often see.

Make your healthiest snacks most visible and accessible!

4. Swap in naturally flavored sparkling water for soda

Regular soda is full of sugar which can be a primary cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Try to satisfy your fizz cravings by substituting in flavored sparkling water instead.

Flavored sparkling water has close to zero added sugar – giving your liver the space to heal.

If you’re after a recommendation – I’m an avid drinker of this sparkling water here.

5. Analyze your habits and routines and find healthy substitutes

Try to carefully observe your routines and habits that may be bad for your liver and substitute in healthy alternatives.

Do you love a morning cake or pastry with your coffee? Well try substituting in a healthy banana or piece of fruit instead.

You will find that it is much easier to SUBSTITUTE in a healthy alternative than to go completely cold turkey.

It’s often these small, inconspicuous routines which multiplied over several years – end up causing bad health problems!

Making a positive minor change to a daily routine will often bring about huge long term improvements.

6. Use desserts and sweets as ‘rewards’ not as the ‘norm’

Do you find yourself snacking on sweets and desserts on a daily basis?

Well lets be real – it may be extremely difficult to go cold turkey and suddenly cut out all these nice yummy things you are used to eating.

One way you can slowly make a long term health improvement is to swap out the normal daily sweet treats and turn them into weekend rewards!

For example – if you’re used to having a big bowl of ice-cream every night – make this bowl of ice-cream a single WEEKLY reward IF you have kept up your good exercise habits for the week.

Leave a comment below if you have any other helpful tips for getting rid of a Fatty Liver.

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