Top 15 Foods I Avoided To Heal My Fatty Liver

Here is the list for the top 15 foods I avoided to heal and reverse my Fatty Liver. Although I loved (and still love) all of these foods, they all contributed significantly to my Fatty Liver (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – NAFLD) and I wasn’t helping myself medically by continuing to eat them. 

(1) Alcohol 

Wine, ciders, spirits and all forms of alcohol had to go.

I loved having half a  bottle of wine on a Friday night, but this was a habit I needed to kick to get my Fatty Liver healthy again.

By avoiding alcohol, I gave my liver the time and space to heal itself.

Scientific research has proven that there is actually no safe limit to alcohol – even one single beer or glass of wine is carcinogenic [ref].

It has been painful to stop drinking, but it has definitely been for the best.

(2) Fruit Juices

Yes that’s right – fruit juices also had to go.

But isn’t fruit juice full of vitamins and nutrients and good for me?

No – not when I had my Fatty Liver. If anything, high-fructose containing juices were making my liver worse. The problem with fruit juice is that it is full of concentrated fructose (a sugar) and doesn’t have any fiber to insulate the release of fructose into my system.

The damage that extra fructose does to liver health has been shown in multiple scientific studies, including this one here.

Just one glass of pineapple juice can contain up to 6 teaspoons of sugar.

Fructose can only be processed by your liver, so large doses can lead to liver inflammation and stress (as animal studies have shown [ref]). 

Helpful tip: When I got a fruit juice craving, I ate a whole fruit instead (which satisfied the craving).

(3) Sodas

I used to love sodas in all colors and flavors. Cherry flavored fizzes were my favorite.

But the problem with my soda habit is that they are full of high-fructose corn syrup, which was inflaming my Fatty Liver.

Many scientific studies have shown that excess fructose consumption (through drinking sodas) is one of the main causes of NAFLD [ref].

Excess sugar and fructose leads to fat being accumulated in the liver, causing all sorts of health problems.

Cutting out sugary sodas is one of the most important steps I took to healing my liver.

Helpful tip: I substituted in soda water (sparkling water) with small dashes of natural lime or lemon juice instead. This helped kill my ‘fizz’ cravings.

(4) Sports Drinks and Energy Drinks

I used to really enjoy drinking sports drinks, I loved the fruity flavors and the idea I was re-hydrating myself after a hard workout.

But truly – the worst thing I could have done after exercising was to slam down a big 20 oz. sports drink full of high-fructose corn syrup.

One 20 oz. sports drink can contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar, which is terrible for repairing a Fatty Liver!

I knew that to heal my Fatty Liver, sports drinks had to go, and I don’t drink them anymore.

Helpful tip: I substituted in water and sugar-free electrolyte tablets when I wanted to re-hydrate after a sweaty workout instead.

(5) Sugary and high GI boxed cereals

I’m always amazed by all the colors and designs of the breakfast cereal boxes when walking down the aisle at my local supermarket.

I knew that if I wanted to heal my Fatty Liver, I’d have to avoid anything with too much sugar or anything too high in simple high GI carbohydrates.

If you want to help your Fatty Liver – make sure you don’t buy anything too sugary or high in GI (leading to blood sugar spikes). Make sure you check the label on the side for ‘added sugars’ and avoid those that are excessive.

Helpful tip: I opted for lighter carb and lower GI breakfasts instead, such as eggs, spinach and mushrooms.

(6) Cakes, Brownies, Muffins and Pastries

I absolutely love cakes, brownies, muffins and pastries!

Every morning I would have a nice big slice of hotly toasted banana bread with my coffee. The combination of a coffee and banana bread sent me to heaven each day.

Unfortunately these foods are too high in added sugars and carbohydrates that were hurting my liver, so they had to go.

Good news: Although I don’t eat these foods directly from the bakery anymore, I found recipes that had the same delicious taste but without the huge amounts of sugar and carbs. This way I could still eat my favorite vanilla cupcake without being too hard on my liver (more on this later).

(7) Pizzas 

It wasn’t uncommon for me to get stuck into a hotly roasted BBQ chicken pizza on a Friday night.

Unfortunately the huge amounts of carbs in pizza were overloading my liver, leading to the accumulation of dangerous internal fat. This meant that pizza was another meal that had to go.

(8) General Fast Food

Although I didn’t eat all that much fast food besides pizza, I made sure I didn’t stray and begin a habit of eating burgers, fries or fried chicken.

These foods were too high in the toxic bad fats, too full of processed carbs and just generally unhealthy for my liver to process.

I gave my Fatty Liver a break by avoiding these fast foods.

(9) White Rice

I would often go out to my favorite Chinese restaurant and have ample quantities of white rice with my seafood and chicken main dishes – yum!

Unfortunately, white rice has a huge glycemic index (GI) of 73 (ref) leading to very quick blood sugar spikes which were not good for my Fatty Liver.

So white rice was another item I had to avoid if I wanted to heal my Fatty Liver.

Helpful tip: I substituted brown rice into my meals (which has a slightly lower GI) and ate much smaller portions.

(10) White Bread

I regularly enjoyed hotly toasted white bread with a nice chocolate spread on top. It really hit the spot for me.

White bread is similar to white rice in that it has a very high GI and is full of carbs. This was bad for my Fatty Liver, so this was another food item that had to go.

(11) Sugary dressings and sauces

Before I got my Fatty Liver, I really didn’t know how full of high-fructose corn syrup many salad dressings and sauces are.

Some sauces, like sweet onion sauce (which I ate a heap of!) has nearly 40% high-fructose corn syrup, which was poison for my liver.

I stopped the habit of always saying yes to sugary dressings, and began to choose healthier alternatives.

Helpful tip: I substituted salad dressings for healthy virgin olive oil and dashes of balsamic vinegar (much lower in sugar) on my salad instead. When shopping, be careful of the “fat-free dressings” and make sure you read the label for how much sugar they contain before you decide to buy.

(12) Sugary spreads

When I had a snack craving, one my favorite go-to meals was hot toast with delicious hazelnut spread. It always tasted so great.

Unfortunately, the hazelnut spread I loved was about 56% sugar – something that wasn’t helping my Fatty Liver. This needed to go.

(13) Sugary yogurts

I love vanilla yogurt and I ate it every night when I had my Fatty Liver.

The problem with the yogurt I was eating was that it was actually 16% sugar. So on a typical night, I was eating up to 7 ounces (200 grams) of yogurt which was the equivalent of putting 8 teaspoons of sugar into my liver – not good!

Helpful tip: I now opt for the lower-sugar natural yogurts. Also be careful of the ‘added sugars’ in probiotic drinks – some of them are astronomically high! Always check the label for the sugar content – if its too high avoid!

(14) Candy and lollies

This one probably goes without saying, but I had to stop regularly treating myself to candies and lollies. The sugar and high-fructose corn syrup in these treats wasn’t any good for my Fatty Liver.

(15) Ice cream and desserts

Unfortunately, most standard ice creams and desserts were in the ‘too sugary’ department and terrible for my Fatty Liver.

Good news: I found some delicious alternatives with way less sugar (more on this later).

So there you go – these were the top 15 foods I avoided to heal my Fatty Liver.

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